To: Dr. Robb Gaffney and associates - A Reject's Rejection

To: Dr. Robb Gaffney and associates - A Reject's Rejection


To: Dr. Robb Gaffney and associates - A Reject's Rejection


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If you enjoyed The Game of Gnar you will enjoy this letter from local bro Nik Aksamit to Dr Rob Gaffney and the folks at Unofficial Squaw. Nik had a cameo or two in the film; however, he was not selected to play the game.  He converted his bitterness to comedy. A Must Read Enjoy.

March 8, 2010

To: Dr. Robb Gaffney and associates:

Regretfully I have written this letter to inform you and your decision making associates that I have rejected your rejection from the game of GNAR. It is with a highheart, the deepest admiration, and the strongest conviction that I say will in fact be competing in the game of GNAR. View this not as a “cry baby” response mourning aspectacular journey that could not be, but as it is meant, a reiteration of a universal law of nature: I am totally rad. As a scientist and a mathematician, I assure you this statement is founded with only the most rigorous proof of concept and design.

Tomorrow morning I shall wake up, miles away from the glistening Sierra slopes of the Lake Tahoe area, just past the land of nascence for the Goshute tribe, on a bed I donot own, in a room that is not mine, under a roof I surely do not belong, ready to stomp the shit out of everything. My game of GNAR will soon after begin high in Little Cottonwood Canyon, the LCC, or as it is benevolently known, Long Cock Country. Fear not for my safety in the Land of the Long Cocks, as it is where I rightfully belong. With the certainty that only comes from years of repetition, I dictate the events that will ensue:claims will be shouted, nay, screeched from atop the gnarliest zones, lines will be crushed, cliffs will be punished, huge dumps will be slain, and onlookers, both male and female, will swoon.

As well, do not consider this an indictment of an unjust selection, but rather gentleman’s handshake in the surreal court of radness. With a stern nod to you, I must say my decision has been made. I will continue embodying GNAR everyday in life and leisure as I have every moment since my second of birth. My comrades and I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and much luck with your other rejections.


Nik Aksamit, Esq.

Level Four Dungeon Ogres

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