We’re kinda starting to sound like a broken record here at Unofficial Jackson- conditions aren’t changing a lot. Besides the crowds that have swarmed in over the last few days, skiing is pretty similar to what it’s been for the past few weeks: cold, hard, fast and fun. Sure we’re all hungry for powder, and we did get pretty spoiled last year, but we really don’t have that much room to complain. The bottom line is, it’s still pretty freakin’ fun out there.

They opened The Headwall today, which looked a little manky because of the work ski patrol had done with sidestepping and the warmer temperatures from the inversion of the past couple of weeks. The Grand has been groomed for the last few days, although there’s a lot of floaters (rocks) on the rollover by tower 3, so I’d hesitate to bring any new skis out there. AV continues to be the call for on-piste carving, while north facing shots off of Thunder and Sublette continue to be chalky for off-piste shreds.

Although it’s a bit of a hike, lines in the alpine have begun to get tagged- including Pucker, which is a bit ambitious given the snowpack. Good news though, it looks like the high pressure from hell is going to start breaking up next week, so maybe some pow is on the way!

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