Dendrite Studios on USA | Short Film Parallels

Dendrite Studios on USA | Short Film Parallels


Dendrite Studios on USA | Short Film Parallels


Dendrite Studios had a big day: First their short six minute film Parallels secured a spot on Vimeo’s home page then another online/print publication by the name of USA Today promoted it  via their travel page. Pretty cool, 1. because Dendrite is Awesome. 2. Parallels was shot for the film competition Intersection (in Whistler) and in my opinion should’ve won but didn’t…So it’s cool to see Dendrite get the recognition they deserve.

“[…]the guys/girls at Dendrite Studios took seven days to create one of the most innovative and phenomenal ski short films I’d ever come across. Their mix of originality and randomness only helped make it that much more awesome” -USA Today

Here’s the link to Dendrite Studios on USA Today Travel

-Also if you haven’t seen Dendrite’s award winning movie Out of the Shadows I suggest you download the flick ASAP. It’s really cool because just like you and I the masterminds at Dendrite Studios are also starving ski bums and have thoughtfully made Out of the Shadows available online at a “pay what you want rate”. Cool eh! But if you’re feeling frisky, maybe you just won the lottery, or you have your dad’s credit card why not donate a little more… Trust me, it will be worth it when Dendrite produces more short flilm like Parallels!



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