Not sure what the base of Homewood Mountain is going to look like in years to come? Check out this ridiculously high quality animated tour of the yet to be built North Base at Homewood Mountain Resort by and local Tahoe hatter, Big Truck Hats. Whether or not you agree with JMA’s project, you’ve gotta admit, this is some insanely well done animation. Bet you didn’t know those hat makers had these kind of production skills…

About Big Truck Hats:

We make hats! Thousands to date and all are custom designs and all made with love. Brought to you from the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Big  Truck Hats has worked with athletes, musicians, lots of other folk, and non-profit organizations like High Fives and the Shane McConkey Foundation, always managing to cap skulls and spread stoke. I guess now they’re doing some video work too. 

Check out Big Truck Hats at

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