More Rain, Then Snow for the Northeast Resorts

More Rain, Then Snow for the Northeast Resorts


More Rain, Then Snow for the Northeast Resorts


We have been stuck in a repeat pattern in the Northeast for about a month now.  As waves come into the West they split with lows spinning up over the Southwest and then cutting up to the Great Lakes.  That puts the Northeast on the warm side of the storms bringing rain and then a blast of cold air behind the storms as they depart.  That has allowed the resorts to make snow briefly between the storms before it is washed away by the next storm.

We have lacked really cold air so far that can keep the precip all snow at least in the far Northern areas.  We have seen a couple of waves form along the cold fronts right after they push through with the storms and ride up the fronts bringing snow.  The latest one was last week bringing several inches of snow to VT, NH, and Maine.   The past week has been the coldest yet allowing lots of snowmaking.  Unfortunately we have another storm pushing to the Great Lakes on Thursday bringing more rain to the Northeast.

Behind each storm it has been getting colder and colder.  That will be the case again with lots of cold behind this storm.  The cold will be reinforced on Sunday by another cold front and maybe some light snow from and Alberta clipper type storm sliding through the Northeast.  The cold air mass this time is a little stronger which will help to set the stage for snow next week.

Yet another low will split off a storm coming into the West Coast this week and will sit over the Southwest before ejecting Northeastward next week.  This low looks like it is going to track up to the East of the Great Lakes which will be a colder track for the mountains of the Northeast.  The exact track with this storm is not certain yet but it looks like there could be several inches of snow in the interior Northeast over the resorts like Stowe next Tuesday and Wednesday.  The potential is there with the right track to see a foot in some places so we will have to continue to monitor the storm.

The cold will really start to pour in next week behind the storm.  There should be plenty of snowmaking over the next two weeks besides the storms.  The forecast models are not all that accurate more than a week out but they can show the basic overall pattern.  They are showing the cold and the chance for several more snowstorms the last 10 days of the month.  They have been pretty consistent in showing a storm on Christmas as shown on the latest GFS model run.


This storm would finally bring some decent snow to the resorts further South.  That should be the case with subsequent storms the last week of the month.  Right now it looks like the conditions in the Northeast will be much improved by the end of the year.  BA

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