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JP Auclair’s street skiing section from the movie All I Can has received 710 thousand views on Vimeo (and over 100 thousand on Youtube), the video will pass one million by Friday. With the rapid popularity it was only a matter of time before the BC news picked up the vid...and that they did. Television, Radio and Print are raving about how this section has pushed the lonely town of Trail, BC into an international spotlight.

“A once-dying city in the heart of the B.C. Kootenays is drawing international attention, thanks to an offbeat ski video that’s gone viral -Vancovuer 24

Mayor Dieter Bogs  said the video segment has thrust the town into the the spotlight and he’s received global interest.

mayor of trail
Mayor Dieter Bogs of Trail, BC

“I hope it will generate some interest and people will come and want to see this place. It’s amazing how something like this can take hold.” – Vancouver 24.

Trail, BC, All I can
the new holiday destination, Trail

Trail, BC is located about 10 miles north of the US border between the Monashee Mtns and the Selkirk Mtns. After years in decline due to downsizing Trail now on the way back.  The town is now about to experience a rapid boom because of the recent billion-dollar modernization making it the largest lead-zinc smelter in the world. In addition a $900-million damn expansion is currently underway.  However, in turn,  it’s for these environmental reasons that Trail was chosen for All I Can (a movie that’s focuses on mobilizing winter sports sustainability).

JP, All I Can, Trail, BC

How many days did it take to shoot? 14 days and we worked our asses off. There was just the 2 of us (with occasional help from kids walking home from school;). Ive (sic) never shovelled so many poo particles in my life. Huffington Post

Check out the Full interview with Dave Mossip of Sherpa Cinema where he describes his two weeks in Trail… sherpascinema.com/news

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