Squaw / Alpine Terrain and Conditions - Unofficial Weekend Outlook

Squaw / Alpine Terrain and Conditions - Unofficial Weekend Outlook


Squaw / Alpine Terrain and Conditions - Unofficial Weekend Outlook


Squaw Valley 

Skiing and Riding at Squaw Valley is still limited to Exhibition and Red Dog. Conditions are fast, firm and fun with a few patches of good chalk. Over all the coverage on the Red Dog trail is solid, but the lack of variety in open terrain/runs makes the skiing quite repetitive. How many Red Dog laps can you really do before getting bored?

Update: Squaw Creek will be OPEN this weekend! 

Squaw has been blowing snow under Resort Chair and it is looking like it might open for the weekend. This would be a huge help and would add some variety to the skiing. Squaw has also been blowing snow on Mountain Run but we are highly doubtful that they will get it open for this weekend.

Weekend Forecast from NOAA.gov

Alpine Meadows

Photo by, Travis Ganong

Alpine Meadows is scheduled to run Roundhouse Chair & Meadow Chair for their first day of operations for the 2011/12 season.

Skiing remains limited in the Tahoe area.  Temperatures have been on the rather cold  the last few days, allowing areas to turn on the snow guns for extended periods of time.  Alpine Meadows appears to have made enough snow on one Roundhouse trail to assure an opening on the 10th of December. UnofficialAlpine.com

Since the Skiing won’t be that great this weekend why not go skating at Five Lakes. US Ski Team member Travis Ganong, Travis-Ganong.com, brings us this look at the current skating conditions at Five Lakes. 

Five Lakes Ice Skating is All Time Right Now!

When life gives you lemons, make lemon aid! And so following that advice, my day ensued in search of the next best thing to do on December 8th besides powder skiing. With the lack of snow in Tahoe right now, a lot of the hiking trails on the southern aspects are still snow free, so I decided to venture up to Five Lakes with my hockey skates to see what was going on up there. And it was amazing!

It was way better than expected with perfect smooth fast ice shore to shore all around the lake. And due to our epic record breaking winter last season, the lakes are very full with means that you can even skate between the two lakes on a small ribbon of ice.

You can Read the Full Report @ Travis-Ganong.com

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