ski movie music

Have you ever watched a ski movie and heard a rad song that you have never heard before and thought “Man, that song would be sick on my iPod!” Of course you have! We all have. Now there is a wonderful place where you can go to look up all the songs from your favorite ski movies. It is and it is an amazingly cool tool. Can’t remember who the artist was for Simont Dumont’s segment in Teddy Bear Crisis?  You could argue with your buddies about it for a week, or you can find out in about 15 seconds on They have all the major releases from Greg Stumps 1987 mega-classic Blizzard of Ahhh’s to the newest joint from 4bi9 and  has them all organized by year for you.

Skier with Headphones

Another use for the site is to win arguments with your friends over what season Match Stick Productions put out Yearbook, or how many movies Poor Boyz has released. Even cooler you can a click on the song you are looking for and it will bring you strait to the  iTunes store so you can buy it. Now that is an amazing use of technology in 2011.

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