mammoth unbound park jump november 18 2011
Nick Miles taking flight in Mammoth's Main Park.

No, mother nature has not been near as kind to us as she has to the PNW… but, let’s be grateful for the cold temps. MMSA mountain ops have had all hands on deck, cranking the snow-guns to the tilt. This has translated to rapid expansion of ridable terrain and a park that may as well be the best Mammoth has ever had this early in the season – that even includes recent seasons where we’ve already boasted a 6′ base by mid-November.

There are jib and jump features for all abilities and yes, it’s true, pipe-jockeys rejoice, the 22-foot Super Pipe is ready to go.

For a sampling of the Unbound offerings look no further than this video featuring Nick Miles, Matt Guntert and Scott Donahue.

Mammoth Unbound 22 foot Half Pipe
MMSA first to open a Super Pipe in North America. photo:

Here are some of the latest stats, straight from the horse’s (eh hemm, Wooly’s) mouth:

Park Update! The award-winning 22-foot pipe is now open! The first in North America!

Main Park is open from top-to-bottom with an assortment of features for all ability levels.

Beginner Features:

  • Three small boxes
  • Two mini jumps
  • Small hip

Intermediate Features:

  • 30-ft jump with two takeoffs
  • Car box
  • Square down rail
  • 20-ft flat box
  • Oakley down rail
  • Deck rail

Advanced Features:

  • Round down rail
  • Lift tower
  • Monster Energy shotgun rail
  • Monster Energy jersey barrier
  • Street-style flat box
  • Planter Box
  • Stair set with round bar and hubba ledge/wallride
  • 40-ft jump

Get out there, have fun and be safe!

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