UnofficialStowe Terrain Update for 12-7

UnofficialStowe Terrain Update for 12-7


UnofficialStowe Terrain Update for 12-7


the author is enjoying the soft spring bumps

I do not think my friends have been complaining much either

Stowe is still holding strong on their one and half trails at the moment. I know they are claiming 7 trails but really is 1.5 trails top to bottom on the entire vertical of the resort. Some bare spots but it has been solid spring bump skiing since monday. At the times you see it has actually been alot of fun.  Today was foggy and despite the soft spring like snow its was challenge do to virtually no light. Tomorrow is looking up though near term and long term. Near term we have cold temps and 3-6 inches of snow overnight, long term we have cold temp for solid snowmaking.  Tomorrow someone on he east coast is going to have decent powder skiing but it is most likely not going to be Stowe.

The friends of are calling for 8- 16 inches of snow somewhere in southern New England caused by “Delta”. Our own weather guy is saying pretty much same thing just less optimistically. I do like his maps though. Especially this one.

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