NEW Lodge Mt. Baker - Raven Hut

NEW Lodge Mt. Baker - Raven Hut


NEW Lodge Mt. Baker - Raven Hut


Mt. Baker - Raven Hut Lodge Opens Dec. 1

Mt. Baker is proud to announce the construction of a new, significant mid-mountain lodge called the Raven Hut, designed in the 1920s-30s Cascadia style architecture.  

The new building sits on the location of the old Raven Hot Cafe and will be ski-snowboard accessible only.  Seating capacity will be approximately 300, and the investment in the building will be 3.5 million.  Besides full food services and indoor restrooms, this facility will have two fireplaces and all-natural wood setting with many unique and interesting details sure to surprise you.

Many local craftsmen and artisans have been working on the facility this summer and fall, and we hope to have the lodge open by mid-december.

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