The three guys images photo shopped into cop cars courtesy of
The three guys images photo shopped into cop cars courtesy of

Three Copper Mountain employees in their twenties stole $6,400 worth of U.S. Ski Team Equipment at Copper Mountain on Thursday of last week.  The didn’t get to enjoy the gear long as they were arrested less than 24 hours later on Friday.

What’s fun about this one, is that it now appears that these dudes were hammered when they pulled this off.

“There’s a good possibility alcohol was involved. One person did say they were coming back from one of the local bars.”  Tracy LeClair, Summit County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson

copper mountain, co

These guys were coming back from a local bar when they came up with the idea and went for it.  

The three Copper Mountain employees are being charged with class 4 felony theft which could land them in jail for up to 6 years and up to $500,000 fines.  It’s confirmed that they stole Jackets, gloves, base layers, and speed suits from the US Ski Team conference room.  They didn’t even get any skis.

“We were we were missing a little bit of jackets, speed suits, gloves, and some under layers,” Doug Haney, US Ski Team Spokesman

The cops got back most of the stolen gear at one of the guys’ houses and in a dumpster.  Two of them admitted to the thefts and the third admitted to being the lookout.

All three of these guys live in the Copper Mountain area.

The U.S. Ski Team has been doing early season training at Copper Mountain, CO this year and has set up their new “speed center” there.

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