With Fall/Winter arriving and the smell of pumpkins in the air is making you an offer you can’t refuse. Save up to 25% on your favorite Black Diamond Winter gear. This offer ends Friday of this week. (10/14) This stuff is almost never on sale, so acting fast could be a good move.


Here are some words from a employee: 

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All right, I was going to try to be all Anonymous but I can’t lie to you. I work for and I want to tell you about Black Diamond ski gear being on sale. We don’t get to do this often, maybe once per year. (not including summertime when we’re all biking or whatever anyway). But after going up to Alta over the weekend  I feel obligated to tell some of you – “it’s time to pick up some crucial pieces of gear before winter really gets goin.”

I saw you “No-polean”. You looked totally fresh skidding around without your hand sticks (haha). BD has poles that’ll help you up hill and will stash in your pack. No one will know. And I didn’t miss you guys either, stomping slowly uphill in ski boots. Just do it, just get some skins and do some laps. You’ll thank me later.

BD Skis
The powder isn’t here yet. It gets here about the same time as our holiday tourists. Get some backcountry gear and ski some pow away from the resorts until the traffic dies down. You’ve got a few more days before it goes back to full price. Only suckers pay full retail…

Stay off my line,
Eazy E

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