At the top of many ski resorts, guests are greeted with a several thousand square foot lodge, complete with all the amenities that you could ever need. Not Jackson Hole. Corbet’s Cabin is a tribute to the minimal, strictly functional ski lodge of generations past. Part ski patrol shack, part waffle house, Corbet’s is everything you could need in a summit lodge, without any of the excess.


Corbet’s does, however, have three things crucial to the modern rider: waffles, hot chocolate, and beer. I’d argue that the waffles from Corbet’s are some of the best tasting food in Jackson. With either a Nutella or brown sugar butter filling, the treat has enough calories to keep you warm all day, and then some. Beer and hot cocoa speak for themselves, as they’re both delicious.


Beyond the treats, there’s really not a whole lot going on in Corbet’s. There’s restrooms, but no running water. There’s a few tables and chairs…and that’s about it. Basically, it’s the perfect lodge for the top of Jackson. It’s just what you need to keep you going, with nothing that’s gonna keep you there too long. So whether you’re trying to satisfy a sweet tooth or just warm your toes, Corbet’s Cabin is easily worth the pit stop when you get off the tram.

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