Photo of World Traveler and Big Mountain Ski, Lee Lyon
Photo of World Traveler and Big Mountain Ski, Lee Lyon.

Now that the first snow of 2011/12 has hit pretty much everywhere in Western North America, it’s time to reflect.  Do you think we’ll see totals like this again this year.  I don’t know why, but I sorta do…

We all know it was an epic year this year in North America. But, how splendiferous was it and where was it most glorious?

We heard about California getting pounded, Colorado have big, late snows, Utah getting a non-stop barrage, Whistler have an pillow-popping season of insanity, but who got the most? Who had the best snow year?  It’s actually very interesting to see the final numbers.

Deep March Powder @ Squaw Valley


Mount Baker, WA – 857″

Alpine Meadows, CA – 852″

Squaw Valley, CA – 810”

Snowbird, UT – 783″

Jackson Hole, WY – 557” (as of April 4th, but we know they got a lot after that.  I’m sure they got over 600″)

Vail, CO – 524″

Whistler, B.C. – 490″

Wolf Creek, CO – 465” (They Claim “The Most in CO”)

Stowe, VT – 335″

Telluride, CO – 215” (as of April 8th)

Video by Squaw Ripper Jon Rockwood.  Skip to the 42 second mark to see Stupid Deep Snow at Squaw from March 20th, 2011

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