It seems like so many mountain folk are also drawn to the islands. I guess that is because they are just drawn to natural beauty in all of its forms. Enter this weeks Unofficial Photos of the Week from former Alta ski bum turned Kauai photographer Aaron Feinberg. Aaron is a self taught artist who has acquired some serious skill. He has started experimenting with another beautiful form of art, the female body, by blending amazing scenic shots with models rocking the au naturale look. Check out his websites for more images and to sign up for his newsletter.

Words: Aaron Feinberg

Aaron Feinberg photo

It’s always good to have spots in one’s mind that we can run to close by for sunrise and sunsets. I am extraordinarily lucky that this is that close to my house. Some friends asked me to head down here for sunset about 20 min before the sun was to depart so hurrying to the trail and mostly running/sliding down it, got down to the bottom and was greeted by this scene.

From a technical standpoint these shots are always tricky. Camera’s are not good at capturing the range of light in scenes like this. The main exposure is taken with a 3stop Reverse GND to control the light but that leaves us with an ugly dark line across the landscape in this case so I took 2 other exposures to be able to blend it away. Then the normal dodge/burn.

Oh yea…then the sunset went cotton candy nuclear.

Aaron Fienberg fotography

“Fire Falls”
Pre-visualized shots are always a good place to start to push one’s craft further. They give us an opportunity to plan a shot, or at least try, and then attempt to succeed at our given goal. Well, getting a chance to work on one of my projects happened in June ’10. The light this time of year, when it is not blocked by clouds, illuminates the falls as they enter the water. However where I’m standing is a dead end and not the safest place to be around the ocean. With proper sun conditions and waves low enough I ventured down and tried to nestle in for my shot. The sun is actually too far north as my visualized image had the sun in the gap w/ a sun star coming in. I also want to try and get even more behind the falls. Either way when working we take what we are given. 

The sun rays coming in light up the small falls and they pour fire.

Aaron Feinberg photo

This coastline is just beyond words. It makes my head hurt every time with the amount of possibility. Our lovely model was climbing up when I said “wait…dont move”. The wave was fairly unexpected…saw it out of the corner of my eye and was set up already. Awesome.

Aaron Fienberg photograpy

“Rabbit Island”

One of the predominant themes in my work is movement…long(er) exposures. I like to draw the viewer in to a 4th dimension of time passing. This is an example of a much longer exposure to blur the movement of the clouds but at the same time soften the ocean. A bit after sunset, looking to the southeast, there is often some good color in the sky. The long exposure here renders the scene quite surreal. Not too bad for hanging out with friends on the beach holding a beer :) 

Techy stuff – 70-200 + 10stop ND, ~3min exposure

Aaron Feinberg Photos

“Impressions I”
Projects are fun. Remembering them in the field though is another thing. Finally had a chance to work on a technique I want to do a series on which is overlaying figures through the landscape. This is a 2 shot composite, one with the model and one without and then put together in Photoshop. The Rainbow Eucalyptus made and awesome background!!

Aaron Feinberg

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