Salomon Rocker 2

142-122-132 @184cm
170, 180, 184, 192
Jake Cohn of Unofficial Whistler is calling the Salomon Rocker 2 the “Honey Badger” of skis. Jake goes on to tell us that he thinks the Salomon Rocker 2 is “the best ski Salomon has made to date.” Jake gets free skis from Salomon, so that might have something to do with why he thinks these are the best skis ever made.

VIDEO: Jake Cohn showing us that the Salomon Rocker 2 also works in summer… That’s if you are below the equator.

Atomic Atlas

150-125-132 @192cm
182, 192
When we asked Miles Clark of about the Atomic Atlas he told us that “the Atomic Atlas ski has the most Rargh!” Miles went on to say, “if you are the kind of guy who likes to cheat, you will love these skis. It’s just that easy to ski powder on these bad boards.” Miles is an Atomic sponsored athlete so this could be why he thinks the Atomic Atlas skis have such a high ‘Rargh’ factor.

VIDEO: Miles might have been on a pair of Atomic Atlas skis in this video.

Blizzard Bodacious

186, 196cm
After a deep South American powder run on the Blizzard Bodacius, Eric Bryant of said that he “never in his life had he had such a steamy nor arousing experience.” Eric is a broke college kid who Blizzard gave some free skis to which might had added to the “steam and arousal”.

Just don’t do this with them…

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