Paul Newman, Robert Redford
Robert Redford & Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid...where Rob got the name for his ski resort Sundance in Utah.

Who owns your ski resort?  Lehman Bros?  Robert Redford?  The US Government?

Ski Area Management just put together the “Ski Area Ownership Timeline” and it’s pretty goddamn interesting.

Go to this website to see the complete list:  Ski Are

The Big Dogs are color coded:  Boyne, Booth, American Ski Co, Vail, CNL, Intrawest, Peak Resorts, Powder, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies….And they own most all of ‘em.

Most recent maneuvers in the ski ownership world including KSLs purchase of Squaw for an undisclosed amount.

This is good stuff to know.  The graph is put together horribly, but it’s legible.  It’s kinda scary to see who owns which resort and how many resorts they own. This list also does a good job of showing which mountains close down and which just opened or reopened.

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