Mark Abma’s Team Americas and Kaj Zackrisson’s Team Europe begin one full week of head to head competition today in the first of its kind Swatch Skier’s Cup! With a base camp set up in Santiago, riders will be shuttled up to Valle Nevado and the surrounding mountains for a series of mano-a-mano big mountain and backcountry slopestyle heats.

For each event Team Americas’ captian Mark Abma will select one team rider to throw down against a Team Europe rider hand picked by European captain Kaj Zackrisson. Each skiier will be judged in a Freeride World Tour format and the winner will be awarded 1 point for his respective team. At the end of the week the team with the most points wins. No individual awards in this game, just an all out continental clash where either Europe or the Americas will get to hold the Swatch Skier’s Cup and bragging rights for the next 12 months!

Team Americas, selected by Mark Abma consists of riders:

  • Josh Bibby
  • Rory Bushfield
  • Chopo Diaz
  • Dana Flahr
  • James Heim
  • Dylan Hood
  • Matt Margetts and;
  • Oakley White-Allen

Team Europe, selected by Kaj Zackrisson includes:

  • Chris Booth (Australia)
  • Markus Eder
  • Sverre Liliequist
  • Seb Michaud
  • Richard Permin
  • Nicolas Vuignier
  • Henrik Windstedt and;
  • Kaj Zackrisson

Stay tuned for video and results from this event. This should be sick!

For more info check out this Swatch Skiers’ Cup

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