Red Energizer Head Lamp

For all season adventuring it is key to have a headlamp. I seem to use mine a lot more in the Summer than in the Winter, but that is most likely because I am not a big Dawn Patroller. If you are looking to pick up a new head lamp to keep yourself from getting lost in the dark this Summer look no further that the Energizer Headlamp.

Yellow Energizer Head Lamp

There are several different versions of the Energizer brand available for purchase. I first had the yellow one pictured above and would STRONGLY advise buying one if you ever see one. It was by far the best lamp I have ever had and it cost about $14. The best I could find on a recent trip to Home Depot was the red version on the top of this page. While still superior to most lamps made by outdoor brands like BD and Petzl for about a third of the cost the red guy lacks a few of the features of Big Yellow. With 6 LED lights, a number of lighting combinations and the super rad red night vision option the Energizer Headlamp is clearly the king in my book.

This is where I buy them:

Home Depot

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