seth morrison the ordinary skier trailer 2

When I put up the “The Ordinary Skier” trailer #1 I spoke of how my buddy guided Morrison and crew in Bariloche, Argentina last year and that he’d learned of how Morrison and crew had gotten skunked everywhere they went.

I saw Morrison in Chamonix in 2010 and it was crappy.  I saw Morrison in Bariloche in 2010 and it was crappy.

It looks the skunkage must have continued during their second year of filming. Although, it’s hard to believe considering how much snow Western North America got last year.

Watch the trailer and see for yourself.  It’s a bummer.  It doesn’t get your heart rate up at all.

Morrison is one of the best of all time, there is no doubt. It’s just that we are all so goddamn excited to see his movie and his trailer is lame. Hopefully the trailer doesn’t represent the movie and the movie is still banger.  But, it’s kinda hard to believe with a trailer like this.

Am I being critical?  Of course, I am.  This is Seth Morrison’s movie and we want to see Seth Morrison.

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