Bariloche Backcountry | Spines, Pillows, Fingers, & POW | Argentina

Bariloche Backcountry | Spines, Pillows, Fingers, & POW | Argentina


Bariloche Backcountry | Spines, Pillows, Fingers, & POW | Argentina


The pow streak continued yesterday with great conditions out  in a zone that can only be referred to as Little Alaska.  It is on the way to the Refugio Frey and simply put, the terrain is SICK. With spines, flutes and steeps the zone is pretty all time, and the fun doesn’t stop there.  The next 1,000 vert offers some very intersting, fingery, rolling terrain that looked most exquisite.  (I myself did not get to enjoy due to a kicked boot that decided it would ski itself the rest of the way down)

Cathedral Peak

Cathedral Peak, on the way out to Little AK

Today the resort was closed due to high winds, but the forecast still holds promises of snow to come.  So the answer is no, this is not the final day of good snow.  Bariloche will keep on rockin, today ’tis a mere day of rest in preparation por mas nieve!

The only downside to the zone is the impressive slog back.  The skin back out takes over an hour and half and it is straight up. Nothing in sight but more switch backs.  Just remember when you are packing to bring plenty of water and some food and the hike will be an almost enjoyable, zen like experience.

Top of a Mountain with snow blowing off

A rewarding view after one helluva hike back out

The zone we skied is most likely locally referred to as Roca Inclinada as that is the name of the highest peak off that ridge. Us Yanquis like to call it Little AK and the just a bit further over are the Zebra Chutes.


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