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argentine women hotArgentine women.  photo:

This is simple.  Who’s hotter?  You should have an opinion about this whether your a guy or gal, whether you’re straight or gay, whether you’ve been to Argentina or not. This is important.

From my extensive experience, namely standing around and watching people (one of my favorite activities), I’ve gotta say this is a tough one.  We’re all from America and American girls are incredible.  In The States, well, what the hell do I know about The States.  I’ve never even been to the East Coast.  But, I hear that the hottest girls in the USA are in New York City and my pain-in-the-ass New York buddies remind me of this on the daily.

new york girlsNew York City Girls.  photo:

Yet, it appears obvious that there are more hot girls per capita in Argentina than in America.  Even in my dirt-road-middle-of-nowhere neighborhood in a town near absolutely nothing, I see gorgeous girls everday.

It feels like every 3rd girl I see down here is a looker. Dark hair, light eyes, perfect skin, enchanting eyelashes, to-die-for bodies. And, the girls down here are super cool.  They’re fun, social, playful, and easy going.  They smile a lot and make you feel good about yourself.  What the hell else do you want?

zaira naraArgentina’s Zaira Nara.  photo:

California is where I’m from & California is legendary for it’s girls.  But, if we’re talking California girls we’ve gotta confront the huge divergence between NorCal & SoCal.  The girls in the Bay Area are elegant, intellectual, well dressed (read here: nice clothes but lots of them), and gorgeous.  The girls in the LA/Orange County/San Diego area are fun, hot, well accessorized (read here: bikinis and hot clubbing clothes), and footloose.

socal girlsSoCal girls.  photo:

norcal girlNorCal girl.  photo:

Both the USA and Argentina clearly have beautiful women, but I truly think what tips the scales in this debate is the hot girl per capita factor. Argentina seems to have this on lock.

So, who’s hotter? If you pick American girls, you damn well better back it up and tell us where they are. Texas?  Georgia?  I hear the girls in Tennessee are pretty hot?  Tell us.

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