jeret speedy peterson hurricane

We are at loss of how to understand what happened to Jeret Peterson yesterday.  Jeret has left an enormous void in the skiing world that won’t be easily filled.  Fortunately, Jeret created something that can never be taken away:  The Hurricane.

The Hurricane is an insane trick of Jeret’s creation that involves flipping 3 times while spinning 5 times.  It’s nuts.  You really have to watch it to believe it can happen.  I’ve watched it about 7 times now, tho, and I still don’t understand it.

I love that Jeret had the balls to throw The Hurricane in the finals in Vancouver and that he stuck it. You gotta hang your balls out there to become great, and Jeret did that with style.

Thanks for The Hurricane Jeret.

The science behind aerial freestyle skiing makes it hard to believe it’s possible.

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