Squaw Boys' First Hucks in Patagonia | La Laguna

Squaw Boys' First Hucks in Patagonia | La Laguna


Squaw Boys' First Hucks in Patagonia | La Laguna


After total shell shock from surfing and tractor traversin’ to full on nuclear winter, today brought blue skies, moderate temps, and a slew of pow to be surfed, slashed and shralped.  (Video from July 26th, 2011)La Laguna is a sweet little sidecountry zone just outside the resort boundries at Bariloche.  And conveniently, there’s no one else there to take your pow. The only threat is the sun and possibly the SASS campers. But in a field of so few, it is easy to come out on top and enjoy the soft stuff splashing up in your face all morning and well into the afternoon.

La Laguna - Sidecountry ski zone

Not a lot of competition for first tracks, we had the zone to ourselves!

The conditions are really starting to shape up in Bariloche, with snow over the past couple of days and more in the forecast later this week. Currently you are forced to download to return to the base, unless you are not afraid and prepared to undergo some of the most adventurous adventure skiing I myself have ever witnessed (it is far too adventerous for myself)

Until next time…Adios!


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