Senset in Argentina
Thanks for the polution! Makes for a gorgeous sunset

Check it, this video has Flamingos in it!!!!!! After a night of no sleep and a breakfast of absolutely no substance we were overwhelmed with joy at the prospect of a 22 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires down to Bariloche. A quick cab ride through downtown BA, an hour and a half at a bus stop filled with more smoke than you can believe and…bada bing!  On the road once again hot in pursuit of the promise land…Barilcohe.

Senset in Argentina
Thanks for the polution! Makes for a gorgeous sunset


Emergency Exit Hammer
In event of an emergency, please use hammer to smash the nearest window

The drive from Buenos Aires is a bit less than enthralling.  Unless you find cattle and miles upon miles of open fields (the pampas) to be of interest, your best off trying to recuperate during your ride.  Conveniently, there were but a few screaming children on board, and they quickly cried themselves into deep slumber.  All were able to enjoy rest…save the bus steward, who was trapped in a perpetual dance with danger as he balanced trays of boiling coffee whilst navigating the bus aisle, rocking to and fro like the pendulum on a grandfather clock.

Emerald River
Perty waters!

It is not until the final few kilometers that the drive begins to spice up as you travel through Valle Encantado.  Here you’ll find ginormous pillars of stone, a breathtaking emerald blue river paralleling the road, and even Pink Flamingos!

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