Not to be confused with “Loyalty” from 4front, this is a new flic from Telemark Skier Magazine. I saw this and gave a  WOW face. They can do that on those skis? That looks sketchy as hell. Anywho, this trailer is great fun and it kinda makes me want to give telemarketing another shot. Straight-lining through crud on teles is definitely impressive.

Description from Telemark Skier Mag

Loyalty explores the revolutionary youth telemark movement while also introducing some of the most profound telemark skiing on the planet. The flick blends appearances from TSM Crew, a first-of-its kind athlete/content creation team including the likes of JT Robinson and Weston D, along with performances by innovative newcomers like Kate Hourihan, Tony Gill and Dylan Garner. “This La Nina year made for one of the longest winters I can remember,” Madsen says. “The powder just kept on coming.” In scenes both on and off-piste, the film showcases the sport’s most avant-garde moves in the deep powder and in the park. “One of my favorite days this year was filming Dylan Garner doing tricks in the park that I’ve never seen before,” Madsen adds. “It reminds me of how important youth are to the progress of this sport.”