Travis Ganong linking up to the snow field that is STILL in Beaver Bowl, Alpine Meadows, July 24, 2011
Travis Ganong linking turns into Beaver Bowl, Alpine Meadows, July 24, 2011

Wow! The snow was actually good today! I hadn’t skied since the 4th of July at Squaw and I thought for sure the snow must be sticky mash by now if you’re not in Shasta or Lassen or Antarctica or somewhere, but I was wrong!

Ganong making late July corn conditions look like water skiing

U.S. Ski Team Athlete Travis Ganong had some plans to get after it a few more times before heading South. Here’s what he had to say about training in the summer:

Ganong: “On the US Ski Team our summers are really dedicated to getting stronger and more fit. I have been looking up at the ridges the last few days and there is a ton of snow still, so why not train by hiking up a mountain with some skis and then shredding back down! I am already thinking and dreaming of skiing every day, and guess what, we can ski here in Tahoe still!  And its not too bad.  The sun cups are not too obtrusive and 1000+ vertical is still available!  From the looks of it today, things will be skiing well for another few weeks!  I am headed down south to New Zealand next week to start training so now I am already three ski runs up on my competition!  And I’ll for sure go back out there before I leave! ”

Boot packing up Beaver Bowl, Alpine Meadows, July 24, 2011

I’m hoping to make time for a summer ski trip in a few weeks and I figured I needed to get in shape.  I was stoked to meet up with Travis to make some turns.  For me the laps felt like “training” but for Travis I think it was actually his “day off” from the work out regiment the U.S. Ski Team has him on. Since he was taking a break, and I was training hard, I think it actually balanced out alright.  Notice I’m still a ways behind him taking that photo during a boot pack lap.

At least I can claim last turns of the year on this patch connecting into Beaver Bowl

After a few runs I was ready for the shade but Travis was still just warming up his day off.

Ganong:  “Maybe I’ll go mountain bike this afternoon, or swim in the lake or play some tennis, or just relax at the beach! Thats what I love about Tahoe; We can do all of those things whenever we want! The options are endless!”

Here's a photo Travis shot of me hiking up. Yeah, he got to the top a bit ahead of me...

Anyway, if the summer starts to feel hot, know that there is still a breeze on the ridge-lines and plenty of snow in a few bowls. Skiing Tahoe in August would be a rare opportunity and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an option this year. We’ve probably got another few weeks of skiable snow in the drifts and gullies.  Get it while it’s there!

Still some snow out there...

Good luck to the U.S. Ski Team this Season!

To see more photos of the skiing and conditions today or to follow Travis Ganong on the FIS World Cup this winter visit



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