A look back to November 2010. This past November at Squaw Valley will go down as one of the best early season kickoffs ever! We went from rocks and green grass to neck deep powder in 3 days and it did not stop there.  What we did not know at the time was that the season would go on to be one for the history books with 510″ of snow on the valley floor and 810″ up top.

“It’s November and you still have no freakin’ idea how to ski – let alone how to ski powder. Yet, you have no choice. The La Nina nuclear winter has arrived and she couldn’t give less of a crap if you’re ready or not. Today Red Dog was nipples-deep and ridiculous. I had the single deepest face shot of my life today and I don’t think I was alone. It’s not supposed to be this good in November, but ‘supposed to’ is ended today.”


Nefarious November. Day 4 – Ripping!

Bluebird and Powder – Squaw Valley USA

Kangaroo Kicker and slow mo POW turns – Nov. 28, 2010

Yep, that was all from November. Man what a year.

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