So, yesterday was the last Friday of Crankworx here in Whistler.  As anyone who has attended Crankworx knows the last weekend of the festival is the weekend that really goes off. There’re more people, the events are cooler, there’s way more free stuff handed out ! Team Unofficial Whistler figured since there’s so much going on it would be awesome give you some “Unofficial” first hand video coverage instead of just linking you videos (like i’ve done for the last week). So starting yesterday we began shooting all day, doing as much as we could, demo-ing Jeeps, watching both the slope style qualifiers and the Giant slalom we even had a radical time-lapse shot. BUT…. Just as I finished converting all the footage, getting my timeline made and clearing my memory card… the F*ing IKEA coffee table I using broke and the shelf where my hard drive was sitting fell to the ground leaving my external hard drive incapacitated.  I’ve always heard about this happening but I never thought it would happen to me (famous words right).  Moral of the story… don’t drop or let your hard drive drop and always back up your S!#T twice. If this horrible misfortune does happen, do what we did: cry a bit, close the computer and go into Whistler and get real drunk. Doesn’t make it better but at least you have a excuse for the headache the next day. Look for an Unoffical Video from Todays Events to be posted tomorrow! But for now you can read what happened at Pink Bike dot Com


Here’s a map of the Redbull Joyride Course. Finals start at 5:30 today!

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