Sam Blenkinsop and Claire Buchar took the titles at the Garbanzo DH.

Pinkbike dot com says:

Tradition is important for an annual race. Certain structures, ingredients so to speak, need to be in place every year to make a race a classic event and the Garbanzo Endurance Downhill is definitely making a name for itself in this regard. A long (the fastest racers are about 15 minutes), grueling, gut-busting course that winds it’s way down many of the hardest trails from the top of the Garbo Chair to the finish-line at the base of the Whistler Bike Park…”

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Day 6

This is the wildest downhill race on the planet. 100 jumps and just as many berms. This is what FreeHub Mag had to say about the Race:

“The Air DH course runs the entire length of A-Line, finishing at the base of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park with the legendary GLC Drop.  A-Line is arguably the most celebrated DH course in mountain biking, with nearly 50 jumps on the course.  A-Line is the benchmark all DH courses strive to emulate.  “Although the cold weather wasn’t ideal for the fans, the course couldn’t have been in better condition.” said Tristan Merrick, event announcer.  “The course conditions were pretty tacky.  A lot of the riders felt like their bikes were on rails.”

Read the Full story with Pics at FreeHub Mag dot com


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