Mt. Shasta
Shasta in all her massive glory
Mt. Shasta
Shasta in all her massive glory

It’s been almost two weeks since Squaw closed their doors to wrap up a truly epic 10/11 season, but even as summer dredges on there is still plenty of skiing to be had.  If you have a free weekend, I would highly recommend heading to Shasta. With around abouts of 7,000 vert of glorious corn, it’s hard to find much better skiing this side of the world in July.

Avalanche Gulch is the most widely traveled route highly recommended this time of year. The approach is straight forward and so long as you come ready for a full day the task of making it to the top quite feasible.  Make sure you’re well hydrated and your skis are waxed up, and all that’s left is enjoy the down! The cost is 20 bones to climb above 1o,000 feet, but the fee is well worth it.

Just check out this link to a 360 degree pan of the summit to check out the view from the top!

The breakdown on skiing Shasta:

  • Miles to Shasta from Truckee: 261
  • Time spent driving: 4 hours 50 Minutes (if you abide by those speed limit signs)
  • Hours spent hiking: 7
  • Vert. Feet of skiing: 7,000
  • Cliff Bar’s consumed: Too Many
  • Smiles enjoyed: Countless

Here is a quick video of what Jason Smith and I enjoyed whilst skiing Shasta:

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