Edit: Casey Riva/Words: Jared Vincent

My buddy Casey sent me this funny-a$$ video that he captured last week biking here in Telluride. Talk about going into ‘Panic Mode’ huh? Probably this guys first run of his vacation on his sick rental bike, just got the seat adjusted where he wanted it, clickin’ through the gears, feeling rad and WHAM! He’s over the bars with his head flying by aspens in no time. I guess the rental guys in the shop weren’t kidding when they said these new disc brakes were powerful! Thankfully it appears his lady friend was OK and didn’t get caught up in the melee. Casey, did you go back and see if she needed any help? I am sure you did, you gentleman you!

Anyway, I just hope this guy had a first aid kit in that cinch pack of his. It looked like he was going to need one after watching that slow-mo…

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