The Lodge.
The Lodge.

As many now know, Retallack has been going off in the ski world. Holding wicked events such as Cold Rush, and offering up some of the best snow quality and terrain that BC has to offer, it’s definitely not a secret anymore. This place is rad. Seeing as Retallack is so close to Nelson’s mecca of freeride mountain bike trails, they have banded with Riley McIntosh to offer up a truly amazing mountain biking lodge experience.

Chilling in the living room.

It sounds like it would be as easy as just building trails, and then dropping people off at the top, but it’s actually a lot more complicated of a process. Riley and the owners at Retallack have been working with 10 different government departments to seek approval and gain tenure to run a lodge based mountain bike operation. Just this month, they got the green light. This tenure also happens to be one of the first of its kind. They will have professional riders as guides, whom will all be OFA level 3 certified for the safety of their clientele, thereby setting the benchmark for safety protocol.

Games room.

We stopped in at the lodge, to check out the establishment and enjoy a fantastic dinner. By the end of the summer, there will be a number of trails that will finish right at the door of the lodge. It’s going to be all sorts of awesome.

Delicious Salmon sticks.
An all time soup and sandy combo.

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– Mason Mashon

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