craftsmen log splitter
In all her glory, the Craftsman log splitter

So you dun gots yerself a heapin’ pile o’ wood an wanna git rich splittin it all up and such? The ol’ axe just ain’t gunna cut it though, is it?? Well you best get yourself one of them new-fangled, gas powered, hydraulic drivin log splitters. In this review, I’ll provide ya with a shake down of Craftsman’s 33 Ton gas powered log splitter (featured in the above video if you haven’t deduced such)

Honda Motor
She ain't stock

Let us start at the lil beauty that makes this puppy tick. This here log splitter ain’t exactly stock. Oh no, this baby is run by an upgraded 13 hp Honda motor. And we all know nothin runs like a Deere, unless it’s a Honda. Upping the ante from the stock 10 hp to 13, you have all the log splittin capabilities every true red neck could hope for. I mean shoot dang, this puppy can even blow the hydraulic lines right off if ya ain’t careful.

Stick with hydraulic fluid on it
Be sure and use your highest quality dip stick

As a proud owner of such modern mechanical marvel, yer gunna want to keep her in prime condition. Always check your fluid levels, and be sure ya do it with the factory recommended dipstick. Failure to adhere to these protocols could result in serious mechanical melt down.

Log Splitter Blade
Business end of the Log Splitter

The ergonomically designed blade provides one with the ultimate cut. Optimized angles and a diamond plated carbon fiber tip brings about the cleanest cut this side of the galaxy. While the previous statement may be false, the blade on the Craftsman 33 Ton Log Splitter is a work horse and a half; ours having cut countless cords of wood as well as the occasional wire, nail or other obscure metal objects mysteriously lodged in the rounds is still able to plow through the product just as it did on day one.  The only thing ya gotta watch out for on the Craftsman is keeping the track well lubed.  When she ain’t slick, she’ll eat the spacer bushings in  a few rounds.

craftsmen log splitter
In all her glory, the Craftsman log splitter

If you haven’t already walked away from your computer mid post to buy your very own wood splitter, you most certainly should. So stop reading, head to OSH, then get to work!

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