lake don pedro california 4th of july party girls

A lot of the Snow Freaks hit up Squaw for 4th of July weekend and had a blast ripping laps on Siberia.  For that I am jealous.  But, fully embracing summer truly wasn’t that bad.  Making the courageous decision to not ski Squaw, go to a warm sub-alpine lake & drink, cliff jump, water ski, wakeboard, dance, and actually be around

girls was an acceptable substitute for mid-summer snow splendiferousness.

Lake Don Pedro is in NorCal just downhill of Yosemite and is insane on the weekends.  This place on the lake called “The Waterfall” goes absolutely Ape Pooh on the weekends and it’s especially heavy on simian egesta on holiday weekends.

Usually at least one or two boats get sunk every weekend.  People start partying and get too many people on their boat, and down it goes. A lot of really horrible accidents have happened here as well.  Drinking and boating is crazy fun, but it leads to a helluva lot of amputations and deaths.  So, lets make good decisions out there, humans.

The crowd there is a good time to be around.  It has a very MTV Spring Break 1994 feel to it, which is nice.

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