We have finally left the rainforest behind in Vermont. Hopefully the mosquitoes and nasty horseflies leave soon as well. What we have already gained is mostly dry trail and better outlook for the next week or so on the weather. Sun and 75ish each day!  Me and my local ride guide Erik T.  recently got our first XC ride in on the Burke side of Kingdom. After a bunch of climbing(1300 feet) which took us to the top of J bar. We got our reward, miles of downhill. We started on J bar which has everything from steep chunky to flatter and rolly like a pump track. At one point in time I thought I was in the Star Wars movie where they are flying the sky cycles though a forest. Then we rode the bridges of Burnham Down. We finished up on the BMX like Kitchell.

Erik on the Climb up. Lake Willoughby and its peaks on off in the distance.

The author, ripping up the berms of Kitchell

on the way back we stopped at what may be one of the coolest and unique beaches anywhere. Almost as excited to get back here as the trail

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