Allen "Lil Rig" Tatterig, right, takes a sip durring his record run


(JACKSON, Wyoming) July 7, 2011- In a season that has seen numerous speed records broken and re-broken, it is no surprise that yet another record crumbled this week in Teton County, WY. The classic “Pub-Crawl” line, which involves having a beer and a shot at every bar in Jackson, was completed in 2 hours, 15 minutes and 36 seconds by Allen “Lil Rig” Tatterig. The former record was 3 hours, 5 minutes and 9 seconds.

“I just started going and felt really, really strong- everything was just falling into place,” said 24-yearold Tatterig, a 2009 Ole Miss graduate. “Around the Wort, with only a couple bars left, I started bonking, but luckily I found a Gel that I’d forgotten about stashed away in my pocket,” continued Tatterig.

The line, which involves 12 bars in total, has long been revered as a Jackson Hole classic. First completed in 1954, the route tests the human body both physically and mentally. “Not only is it physically difficult to drink that much,” remarked Tatterig “but it’s also mentally challenging to stay on task. At times I totally forgot what I was even doing.”

With temperatures on the rise, conditions are becoming prime for further record setting. However, prime conditions also create crowds, increasing subjective hazards on the route. While more attempts will likely be made during the summer months, it is yet to be seen if any serious challengers will take a shot at the line. When asked if he thought his record would fall, Tatterig nonchalantly replied, “Only if I try it again.”

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