It was a hell of a way to cap off a three week trip to Europe. My good buddy Zach Browning took me to Lodrino Canyon in Ticino, Switzerland yesterday and it was epic! The water was running a little high, but we decided to give’er anyway. There were 3 sketchy jumps and two rough repels to keep things spicy. Thanks again to Zach, Roland and  

I have been hearing about how sick this canyon is for about two years now and was stoked when Zach had the time off to take me there. This is not a good place to take a person new to canyoning or who gets scared easily. Once you are in, there are VERY limted ways out, so you have to be committed to all the jumps and repels. After taking some minor elbow damage on the first sketchy jump everything went pretty damn smooth. (Zach failed to mention that all the other guides, including himself, used the plan B route last time they went on a guide trip only a few days earlier.)

I have done about 20 canyoning trips with Zach and this was the crown jewel of them all. The views, water quality and challenge are unmatched by any canyon  I have been inside of.  Zach said that the one section is the best section of canyon he has done  during his 5+ years of guiding. If you are ever in Switzerland get down to Ticino and do some canyons, you will be stoked out of your mind. Photos to follow…

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