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Summer did arrive and it is full on.  The weather has been amazing and there has never been a lock of something to do.  This weekend is no exception.  It looks like there may be a couple showers throughout the weekend, but the bike trails are getting a little dry and I have heard quite a few people complaining about the heat already.  Along with the great weather and playground Jackson offers us, there is some good music coming to the area that would be a bummer to miss.

Honey Island Swamp Band Music on Main Victor,  6pm Thursday

This band from New Orleans will be  second installment of Music on Main this summer.  Every thursday night, there is free music in the Victor Park and it gets the small Idaho town rocking.   It is highly suggested event throughout the summer.   This summer it is now very easy for the Jackson folk to get over the pass with public transportation. Check out the Start Bus Schedule to plan the evening.

Paper Bird Knotty Pine, Thursday 10 pm.  Town Square Tavern, Friday 10 pm

A double show night on thursday may interfere with some people’s work schedule the next day.  So if you miss Paper Bird at the Knotty on thursday, there is another chance to catch them in Jackson on Friday.  Both shows are $10 and start at 10 pm.  As always the Knotty will be a better show with the superior venue and better crowd.  Either would be enjoyable though.

Jackson Hole Bike Park Opening  Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Saturday 1-6pm

The bike park in Jackson is having a grand opening.  The chair and some of the trails have been running for a bit.   But now with new trails opening this week, the mountain is giving everyone a chance to experience what will be in store for the summer.  The day is free with access to the lift, bike demos as well as food and beer discounts.  Hopefully the demand for the trails will be evident and the mountain company will continue building sweet lift access trails for us.

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band Town Square Tavern, Saturday 8 pm

Once again a good band is coming to the bar with the highest arrest rate in Jackson.  They have a strange name, but they put out some good tunes.  Even with the poor acoustics and drunkards running around, this still will be a good show.

Teton Freedom Riders Dig Day Teton Pass, Sunday 10 am to Dark

If you enjoy the trails on Teton Pass, it would be good karma to help out the Teton Freedom Riders on their dig day sunday.  These are fun days with free food, beer, and coffee.  Guess it is not completely free, you need to do trail work to receive the goods.  There is a tent at the base of old pass road where they will point you in the right direction.

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