Cadel Evans wins a hardman sprint on the uphill of stage 5

As most of your know there is a pretty big bike race going on in France. The first 4 days of the Tour De France have been full of some pretty exciting moments, here are some short break downs of what has happened so far. Stage 2 finish showed the strong man from Belgium, Phillip Gilbert just plain out powering the field on a slight uphill finish. Which was not a really a surprise since he has not won a bike race since the last bike race he won. Stage 3 Team Time Trail showed the muscle of Garmin-Cervelo which has put “The god of thunder” Thor Hushovd in to the Yellow Jersey. Stage 4 on July 4th, American Tyler Farrar became the first yank to win on the 4th, he also grabbed his first stage win  ever. Stage 5 came down to an uphill sprint between a couple of the overall win favorites of Cadel Evans and Contrador, a sprint that Cadel ended up winning.

Tyler on his way to an historic TDF win



The UCI was up to its annoying big brother antics. During the TTT, they looked at their rule book and found a rule that no one ever enforces on the rider’s time trail bikes.  The rule is one that ensures that the saddles on the bike were 100 percent level. It is as if that someone from the UCI was just trying to find a way to make everyone mad.  Like “hey look at this rule, no one even knows about this anymore”. I am convinced if the UCI had its way with its arcane rules that the riders would still be riding fixed gear bikes from the 20s and that today’s hipster’s would be riding around on geared bikes telling people how much better the gears are for getting in the groove of their ride. This video would be totally reversed, If that was the case.

My predictions, as if they are matter.  With Alberto Contador in the race you would have to be pretty dumb to think anyone else can win the GC(General Classification). His main competitors are either too old, to fat, or the case of Andy Schleck way to nice, to ever beat El Pistolero. You remember when Schleck got dropped last year, while dropping his chain? He said he was angry, yeah whatever he was about as angry as a bowl full of pudding. He is also about as aggressive a Volkswagen Cabriolet. Both of these facts mean he will not win.  The Green Jersey I really do not know, Cavendish has proven to be the fastest person on flat sprints even despite his turn of luck on the stage 3 bunch sprint. He has also proven 2 years in a row that this does not matter for the Green Jersey. I hope Thor Hushovd, or Phillip Gilbert can prove to be stronger and beat the cocky brit. The Mountains Jersey. Does anyone actually care about this anymore? If these guys are so good at climbing they should be winning the GC. On my closing note, just remember “everywhere you go, LE VELO!”




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