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By Duane Raleigh

Five climbers have died on North America’s highest peak since the climbing season began in May, surpassing the fatalities of 2010 and 2009 when four climbers were killed each year. In 1992, 11 climbers perished on Denali making it the deadliest year so far. Typically, Denali’s climbing season runs from April through July. This year, light snowfall and wind has scoured the mountain’s typically snow-covered slops, creating dangerously icy conditions that have accounted for most of the fatalities. This season, 1,198 climbers have registered for Denali. To date, 953 have made attempts and 544 have summitted for a success rate of 57%. In 2010, 1,223 climbers attempted Denali and 670 summitted. READ FULL SORTY AT –

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