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Skip to the 1:20 minute mark and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  “Out of the Shadows” movie trailer.

Dendrite Films made a stellar ski movie called “Out of the Shadows” last year.  The movie featured impressive big mountain skiing in British Colombia.

This year they couldn’t get the funding to put out another film. Damn.  I was looking forward to their coming movie especially considering how well done their latest short movie Parallels was.

Parallels was a finalist at this year’s Whistler Intersection Film Contest in April.  Nearly 20K views already on vimeo.  Go to 1:05 for action.

Nicolas Teichrob and Athan Merrick are the gentlemen who put together these movies.  They’ve put some serious cash, energy, and time into this company and it’s unfortunate to see it not work out for them.

The ski industry is tough.  There are so many people/companies/athletes vying for position now that the funding has gotten spread very thin. Add to that the “Great Recession”  and you’ve got worthy Studios like Dendrite not being able to make it despite their ability to create a first class film.

Their first film had a handful of sponsors — including Surface Skis, PM Gear, The Ski Journal, Selkirk Wilderness Cat-skiing, Russell Brewing Company, Swany, Surefoot, Discrete, Smith Optics — but all of the companies offered product, not cash. So to fund their 2010 film, Teichrob and Merrick paid out of pocket — a project that Merrick says cost them around $30,000 in expenses.  –

Dendrite sold their movie in dvd form as well as online, won film festivals (“Out of the Shadows” won best big mountain film at the International Freeski Film Festival last year, best action sports film at California’s The Mountain Film Festival) and did everything they could to solicit financial support.  Despite their efforts, they were unable to make enough money to cover the cost of making their first movie.

You can purchase their hit movie “Out of the Shadows” online here: and pay whatever you deem worthy.

We hope something works out for them in the very near future.

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