The third annual Tour De Squaw barreled through the valley last Sunday afternoon and went late into the evening. A veritable Pro Am collection (mostly pro) of some of Squaw’s finest casual and competitive drinkers and drinking sport enthusiasts gathered at the gates of the valley around 5:00 pm Sunday afternoon to submit themselves to a series of rigorous tests in coordination and endurance (drinking).

The short-lived kickball game

The day started off with a game of kickball at the Squaw Valley soccer field, but that was soon interrupted, first by a popped ball and then by a group  of Lacrosse players who had (supposedly) reserved the field. And so we abandoned our athletic ambitions, and the more serious drinking began. By the time the crowd was sufficiently lubricated and beer cooler began running low, the peloton was off!

Ben Kasper the patriot
A notable getup
Another great outfit
Stop 3 on the Tour
Timmy Po playing Stump
Bean Bag Alley at the Cantina

The third year of Le Tour De Squaw was a banger. Literally. First, we banged some balls at the kickball game, then shortly after we drunkenly banged some nails into wood with a few games of Stump, then my brother Mattias’ ankle got really banged up, as he snapped his fibula and dislocated his tibia on his way to the last stop of the tour. Ending the night in the E.R. was an unexpected twist to an awesome evening of drinking, biking, and debauchery.

Mattias in the Emergency Room

Le Tour de Squaw has all the makings of a Squaw Valley institution. Could this be the next Cushing Crossing or Squaw Valley Prom?

The event was originally the brainchild of Danny Scott and John Hyde a few years back and, more recently, others like Matt Johnson have joined in to help organize it. I have to admit that as a first year participant, I was truly impressed with the organization, the size of the party and the enthusiasm surrounding it. Aside from the conflict with the Lacrosse camp, each stop on the tour held its own in entertainment and activities.  The first stop after kickball offered grilled dogs and frisbee, the third stop had an amazing rope climb challenge and a never ending game of stump out back, and the fourth stop was at a crazy 70’s mansion dubbed “the Porn House” that had a Christmas tree-lined pathway, rickety decks and endless nooks and crannies to explore that left you wondering, “what was the builder thinking?” and “I wonder how many orgies have gone down here?”

Overall, I think that Le Tour De Squaw Valley is here to stay. As long as someone keeps stepping up to organize it, the crazily clad crowds will come!


Words and Pictures by John Parker and Nik David


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