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Last week we asked people to send in a story of cops being cops in response to an article I posted. I would like to thank Hunter P. for sending her story in to the Unofficial. Here is another classic story of the Police doing absolutely nothing to help out the common person who actually needs some help. What do these guys get paid to do anyway?!? I have with withheld Hunters last name to protect the innocent victim from reprisal.

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My $600 bike was stolen from me at the U of U at about 12:30 pm and
appeared on KSL three days later. I reported both of these things to
the police and they did not do a single thing because he had posted a
fake phone number, so you had to e-mail him with your number and he
would call you. After figuring out that the cops weren’t going to do
anything I was able to get a hold of him myself. However, I was out of
town, so I called the cops to meet him where he had agreed to meet me.
The cops told me that they couldn’t get someone to show up in West
Valley in 45 minutes. I guess different police departments are not
allowed to talk to each other. So they literally did not do a single
thing to help me get me my bike back, but they did give me a ticket
for running a red light while there were no cars to be seen on my new
shitty bike a week later. F**k the pigs.

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