Jon Rockwood, Adam B and John Lange getting wierd.
Jon Rockwood, Adam B and John Lange being wierd.

As many of you know, Squaw Vally loves drinking, it loves theme parties and it loves competition. So it is only natural that there exists today, the Tour de Squaw Valley. It is a sport themed drink fest that begins with a kickball game at the Squaw Valley park, fallowed by a drunken pelolton that will swerve its way to Squaw’s Cornice Cantina.

If I know Squaw Valley like I know it, well then I would assume that there will be some outrageous costumes. And if there are notable costumes stay tuned for a little online costume competition along with  diligent and  serious reporting from the front lines of the debauchery.

Hope to see you there!

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