The first weekend of summer has arrived, and it looks to be a good one.  The warm weather is finally here and the long days allow for much fun to be had.  The rivers are raging, the bike trails are riding super tacky, and if you still have the itch and motivation, there is still plenty of snow up high.  Another benefit of summer days is being able to hang outside enjoy some adult beverages with some friends and listen to music.  This weekend is great for that with lots of music options.

Brian Jordan Trio– Mangy Moose.  Friday 9:30pm

The village is a great place to kick off the weekend, and the Moose is always a fun venue to catch live music.  It only cost $7 to enter and rock out to the Brian Jordan Trio.  There music is described as retro African funk and encourages the body to move.  Should be a good show.

Battle of the Bands-Grand Targhee. Saturday 4pm

Colter Wilson, The Deadlocks, The OutFit, The Miller Sisters and Jet Black Ninja Funkgrass Unit will all be battling for spots in the Grand Targhee Music Fest the weekend of July 15th.  All in attendance will be able to vote for his or her favorite.  The winner will open up on Sunday of the fest, runner up on Saturday and 3rd place gets to start the festival off Friday evening. It is a good idea to make a day of it and bring your discs, because Targhee has the best disc golf course around.

Headphone Union– Town Square Tavern. Saturday 9pm

Headphone Union or previously know as STC will be coming from Tahoe to play for the rowdy crowd at Town Square Tavern.  This night can be hit or miss.  The music is good but the Tavern is not know for the best acoustics.  As every weekend, there is a high probability for a fight and most likely it will be the highest average BAC in the valley.  If this is what you are looking for, the price for this show is 5-8 Dollars.

Fox Creek Fandango– Linn Ranch. Sunday. 12:30pm

It will be worth the drive to Victor to be a part of this gathering.  Six bands will be taking over the ranch playing music until around 11pm.  Linn Ranch is north on 600 South.  The lineup includes The Project, Ken Dolman and The Alta Bros, Leo Rondeau and the Dynamite Tails, Lazy Eyes, Deadlocks, and Mandatory Air.  This will be the third year the Miller sisters have been in charge of this event and will also be putting on a good show on stage with Mandatory Air.  The music is free and camping is available.

There is also a 5k fun run starting at 9am.  The fee for that race is $20.


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