Callum Jelley downside airs deep into the rock roll.
Paul Stevens airs into the big rock roll with Callum Jelley in tow.

Joyride was one of the original trails cut in the Whistler Bike park. Since then it’s seen thousands of riders, and has worn itself permanently into the hearts of those who ride in the bike park. Rugged, burly, rocky, and rooty, it’s a timeless classic, and will keep you on your toes no matter how good you are.

Callum Jelley downside airs deep into the rock roll.

Back in the first couple years of the park, there was this rock roll that would scare the pants off you. It was steep, long and transitioned out quickly. Most of the reasoning of why we were petrified was because we were on hardtails with elastomer forks and v-brakes. With our new bikes these days, it’s a piece of cake dropping in.

This rock roll was actually the original line of the trail, but since has become the lesser ridden.

I set out with Paul Stevens and Callum Jelley, and we grabbed a these photos on our way down Upper Joyride. Stay tuned for more trail updates.

Cal throws some 'un-style' for my camera.

– Mason Mashon

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