Paul Stevens ripping the lower section of Heart of Darkness without a chain.
Paul Stevens ripping the lower section of Heart of Darkness without a chain.

So begins one of my favorite things about summer here in Whistler; The Phat Wednesday’s. Last week marked the beginning of the race series, which runs all summer long. However, because of a certain hockey game that happened in Vancouver last week, the race had been postponed for a couple days. I was on scene to participate in the first race, which was run down B-Line into the Heart of Darkness. In the neighborhood of 200 participants showed up to see how they would fair against the local population of talented rippers and enthusiast riders.

You can rail this berm section with very high speeds.

There’s also a side pot for those who are inclined enough to take off their chain and tackle the race without a chain. A five dollar side-pot, winner takes all scenario, had over 50 competitors vying to take down reigning champ Adam Billinghurst. Running a 5 minute+ track, which is a blue trail for that matter, means that you really need to concentrate on carrying your speed through corners, and pumping every little roll in sight. Adam has this trail totally mastered, and managed to finish 5th overall, which means he effectively beat 75 people who had a chain. Props to Adam.

A myriad of bikes on the GLC patio.
Everyone meets up at the GLC to size-up each others times.

The race après scene goes off at the GLC, where everyone heckles each other and has a good time drinking beers and celebrating the evening race. It’s a great event in the Whistler cycling community, and I can’t to see what tomorrows race will bring.

– Mason Mashon

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