Best turns on the mountain | B-Line rebuild.

Best turns on the mountain | B-Line rebuild.


Best turns on the mountain | B-Line rebuild.


Callum Jelley tails Jim Montrose on a beauty of a turn.

One of the flowiest trails on the mountain just got a bit better. Trail crew here in the Whistler Bike Park has been on it lately, and they just did a complete makeover of upper B-Line. Perfectly groomed berms, new turns, rollers and mini side hits made new additions to the trail. Still deemed one of the most mellow runs on the mountain, it still see’s a high amount of traffic from beginner to the most advanced.

Cruisin' in the tree's

I’m a personal fan of this trail to begin with, so now with the new additions, it’s even more fun. Here are a couple shots from the other day when we had perfect soil moisture conditions for maximum shred traction.

This is a real good looking berm.

Lots of room for railing.

Slimey and slippery, this ladder was not easy to scale. Made for some cool foreground however.

Until they changed the trail, I had no idea this huge rock was just sat there in the woods.


It’s perfectly groomed, high speed turns of pure happiness. Go ride it.

– Mason Mashon

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